8 Types of Nose That Define your Character


#8 The Nubian Nose

Professor Abraham Tamir from Ben-Gurion has come up with research of nose defining your true character which is also published in Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

One of the shapes of the nose is Nubian nose which has got the straight bridge with the pointed part facing downwards. It is being said that, people having Nubian nose are quite optimistic towards life and always curious about something or the other.

#7 The Greek Nose

You must have witnessed Greek people in movies or might have seen Greek sculptures having straight edge pointed nose. Such nose-type is known as Greek Nose, and as per Professor Abraham, people with such kind of nose do not like to be the centre attraction and are always reserved.

#6 The Hook Nose

Many people have a bird-like nose with a slight bent and are also referred as some sort of bird. Well, that also defines their character as creative and self-sacrificing.

#5 The Concave Nose

Concave and conclave are two physics term that many have studied in the school. Well, such term is not just confined to mirror image only but also seen in different types of noses. Such types of the nose look like curved from the nasal bone to the tip. Those having concave nose are more determined and have excellent organisational skills.

#4 The Button Nose

Among all the button nose is the common nose with a little dainty. It has been observed by Professor Abraham that people with button nose are strong minded and prefer to get down to business at a first place.

#3 The Straight Nose

Mostly found in Asian people, straight nose is something which is a bit flatter and has wide nostrils. According to the study, straight nose people are quite passionate and often get angry if tried their patience.

#2 The Arched Nose

As per his study, one of a kind is the Arched nose that looks a little arch on the nose. Those having this type of nose are kind hearted and are always ready to help others. Due to their sensitive nature, such people easily get hurt or feel offended.

#1 The Crooked Nose

As the name specifies, crooked nose people are those who tuned onto their own. Having a characteristic of a good listener, they are very down to earth.