The Body Shape Says A Lot AboutThe Needed Det For Weight Loss


When you hear “body type” you immediately think a person is described in a physical way. But this is more than just that. The body type can determine what we need to eat to lose weight and how the body will respond to that. This is good to know if you need weight loss and struggle with diets.

The body types

Not every person can fit in every type or one type, but the 3 general types cover everyone in the general sense. See which diet is good for you.

1. Ectomorph

This person is slim, thin and has small bones. The limbs are skinny and long. They are endurance athletes and tolerate carbs more than the rest of types which means they have fast metabolism. They should eat a lot of carbs, medium in proteins and little fat.

2. Mesomorph

They are medium built in between the types. Mostly, they are athletic and active so they have more lean mass than others. Gymnasts and wrestlers are examples of mesomorphs. They have more testosterone and growth hormones so for them muscle gain comes easy and have little body fat. They should eat mixed foods or balanced foods, equally protein/carb/fat.

3. Endomorph

They have big bones and large frame, like football players or power lifter. They are not too active and metabolism for them is a bit slower, so they store extra fat due to extra calories. Their diet must be balanced but with MORE fat and protein, and RIGHT after their workouts.

The best way to lose weight in the healthy and fastest way is to see how you react to carbs in terms of gain or losing weight. But in the meantime if you eat and sit in front of the TV, carbs are a big no!